NEW! Face Masks by Ford Smith - Protect yourself and others with an artistic flair


Live with the art you love! Ford Smith Fine Art is liberating these rarely-seen, mostly vintage paintings from the archives and sharing them as affordable, open edition giclee prints. Stroll through a retrospective gallery of over 60 brilliant, rediscovered works spanning 20 years and enjoy the radiant serenity of a Ford Smith in your home now. Classic Prints are decorative, museum-quality giclees, unsigned and unembellished with no limit on production and in customizable sizes that arrive on your doorstep ready to exhibit! All of this makes them perfect for more limited art budgets, second homes, rental properties, corporate environments, offices, gifts, guest rooms, smaller spaces, larger spaces or just for YOU because you love that painting so much! Visit Ford Smith's official website for original paintings and hand embellished, signed and numbered limited editions:

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